Sunday, November 18, 2012

Relisting..... catch em while you can!

I noticed that the number of listed skeins and the number of skeins on hand did not correlate.  Then I remembered that when I got back from Tat Days, I didn't count all the skeins I had.
Ooohhh yea!!!
Ever have one of those moments?

So I have relisted some of those sold out colorways, (mostly only size 20)
These include:
Fancy Fields
Queen Anthias
Blue Ridge
Pitaya Limeade
and Jade n Salmon

Are there more that could be listed,- probably.

Also, I tried the Sorrell Splendour colorway again, but this time, with the regular method.  I turned out more Christmas and less Autumn.  But I am going to retry and I'll photograph these skeins tomorrow after I get a chance to get some batteries for my camera!


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  1. I am sure you will get it right. one thing, red and green are always going to have a Christmas feel to them, even if they are meant to be autumn