Sunday, November 4, 2012

Studying, Studying (well, nevermind)

Well, I am going to be up for a bit studying, but I have been working on this, and loved how the colors were coming together.   So, share, I must!

You probably know the pattern.  It's only a small bit famous. lol

I'm doing it in size 100 Punk Princess

That means, that there will be shorter distances between the colors in the bigger threads.  

Anyway, good night all.  I've finally put in my contacts so I get some studying done.  I don't really like wearing the contacts, but my glasses are broke, broke, broke... 

Well, really they are just broke, broke..
The arms fell off. Each time one fell off, Livi was playing with them.  Well, once she was playing with them, the other she was playing with me and they fell off and broke. 

Well scratch it all.... 

first a funny story

Last night, I stayed up a bit to study.  I was a little confused because I hadn't seen Layla in a while.  Usually, once Livi is in bed, and I am downstairs alone, she is all of a sudden stuck to my side.
But not last night.  So I did my little call her with some "tongue clickings" (these usually work very well)... she still didn't come.
At that point I figured, she was upstairs in my room resting by the guinea pig cage, or maybe she climbed in a drawer and was sleeping.

But, later, when I went to bed.... she wasn't there.  I even double checked the hall for her glowing eyes to make sure I didn't lock her out of my room.

Come to find out, she got trapped in my mom's bathroom for the night. lol
So, she has been extra cuddly today. Not so good for me.
I love my cat, but I am very allergic!  So, right now, my nose is dripping, my eyes are dripping, and my lungs are not happy.  I took some benadryl... and I'm going to bed.  I will make sure that she is not trapped tonight so that she will resume her only mildly interested in me, content by my side and not my face attitude tomorrow.



  1. That pink thread is gorgeous, I hope you don't lose her tonight.

  2. When you first posted that color, I immediately thought about how pretty it would look in that pattern... my favorite pattern, in case you didn't know! ;-)

    Good luck with your cat and your allergies. I hope you both had a restful night!

  3. I hear you, that is my problem with cats as well. fortunately all our cats live in the barn not the house.
    that is a pretty colorway.
    good luck with getting your glasses fixed.

  4. Yep, looks like Diane's favorite pattern :-) and so pretty in those colors! Hope your glasses get fixed soon - better keep a spare pair on hand.

  5. Poor kitty! That should teach her to stay out of there!

    Wonderful colourway! Love it!
    Fox : )

  6. I love love love this colorway, excellent job!!!

  7. Your glass mat is looking pretty!! :)

  8. In the FWIW column: If kitty will put up with a bath about once a month, you can make her less of an allergen. When she grooms, she leaves saliva in tiny, flaky layers on her hair. These dry and float around into noses -- and the rest you know. But the offending protein is water soluble. So...wash and gone. Unless washing the cat is the equivalent of asking to give blood.

    Your colors and your tatting are beautiful -- as always! You are so talented.

    <3 Linda