Friday, October 26, 2012

I am on a dyeing roll!

Recently, I was challenged/ inspired/ "demanded" (whichever has the best, most light heart-ed meaning in your eyes... apply here lol) by my friend, Frivole to "mess up" my "Chilled" colorway. 
So, here it is.  
It looks great, I must add!  

I was also inspired by her most recent post to tat Birgit Phelp's SweetHeart, and even took her suggestion to leave off the topmost rings.
I used this "Chilled Mess" (a Messy Jess!-y) in size 40 with Lizbeth's new solid "Periwinkle"
I did do something a bit different though. Only one of these rings is an actual ring.  All the others are SCMRs.  I did it this way because I could only find one shuttle and had previously decided that I would do the rings in Periwinkle and the chains the "Chilled Mess".  But, I changed my mind at the last minute.
So, I used unflipped stitches on all the chains, and SCMRs for the center rings. 
The only actual ring is thrown ring on the bottom.


Here is the "Chilled Mess" around the Periwinkle ball.  This is one way I decide if a colorway will look good with a solid. :o)

OH!! If you think this would look nice as a hankie edging (or for any larger project I suppose), and need more thread than usual.  I have exactly 2 skeins of size 60 that are  150 yards each.
I did not however do any size 80 this go round.   


  1. Love the colourway! The Sweetheart is one of my favourite patterns. I've never tatted it in such a tricky fashion as you did, but I have done the rings at the top that you left out so that the threads come from the middle top of the heart for a dangle.

  2. I think that it looks lovely! Such an excellent mess! ;)

  3. Lovely colour way and putting the two together, makes a really nice colours

  4. This colourway is cool! Looks fantastic for any motif I think, or even an edging!

  5. very pretty colors, and that is an interesting way to do the pattern.