Friday, November 9, 2012

A general Heads up!

I have an exam this coming Monday, so I won't be getting any more thread dyed this week, this coming weekend, and possibly next week.
However, I did do up another Messy Jess!y this morning.  It's another orange.  But I am hoping this one will be more a PINK orange.  I like pink oranges, I even like burnt oranges.  I don't like BRIGHT orange.
So, I wanted a PINK orange, and I hope this messy Jess!y will be it.

Also, there are going to be a lot of giveaways here at Tat-ilicious very soon!
No thanks to me though, I'll have more info on that later, but keep your ears and eyes open and pass the word along!

I saw this on Facebook the other day.
So funny!!


  1. Is that real? Too hysterically funny!
    Fox : )

  2. Kids will try.
    will be waiting to see the new colors.

  3. About 10 years ago, I had a kid forge his mom's signature and misspell the last name - yep, it was the same as his last name but he was concentrating so hard, he missed it!

  4. Got my Blue Ridge and am in love!!!! :) My daughter loves blue too and she said it was awesome!! :)
    The green is really nice!! And I love how the other color reminds me of a parrot!! :)
    Can't wait to "play" with these threads!!! The holidays are my favorite, but right now they are in my tatting way!! :D