Friday, November 2, 2012

Punk Princess Preview

Here is the latest Messy Jess!-y!!

This one will be named "Punk Princess"
I have started naming these, because if I'm going to have more than one at a time, it's less confusing.

Pink and (dark) Gray, Love these!!

However, they are still not reproducible, even though I can try.... no guarantees though. :o)

I am waiting for the skeins to dry before I list them.
If you would like to reserve one before I list them, just email me.  
Nevermind, they dry faster than I expected.  I have listed them now. :o)

I have:
 7 size 20, 50 yds
1 size 20, 100 yds
6 size 40 50 yds
1 size 60 100 yds
1 size 100 100 yds

I may have more, but I can't remember.  Seeing this list, it doesn't seem like much, does it?


  1. That looks a great colour combination

  2. Thanks Margaret! I'm fond of it myself. :o)

  3. hope you are finding time to study.
    you get so much done.

  4. I will be studying all weekend. I did this batch today, but I'm not going to be able to get anymore done until at least next Tuesday, because I have a huge Biochem test Tuesday.
    However, my bank is extremely dry right now, so I sat aside some time today to get these done.
    But, I always appreciate your guidance! I am going to be without meds this weekend, and I wish I had you to stand over my shoulder and keep me on track. :o)

  5. Love this colorway - and the name is PERFECT :)