Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Warning! Contents may be too irresistible!

Lol, I always feel bad when I get the "your bad for my wallet" comments.  I know they are well meaning, but being some one who knows what being "broke" feels like.  I always have a guilt trip following these types of sayings.

Anyway, I have a new Messy Jess!-y.  I don't have a name for this one yet. This one was a surprise.  If I told you the colors that went into this one, I don't think you would believe it.
You can guess though if you want to.

I bit a pretty big bullet this time.  I dyed a hankie at the same time as the thread.  I will start by listing it paired with the 150 yd skein (of size 60) at $30.  If it doesn't move though, I will list them separately.
This skein is NOT the 150 yd one.  I plan to retake this picture with the actual 150 yard skein.  Each skein ends up being a little bit different than all the others.

These skeins will be completely dry and will hopefully have a name by tomorrow when I list them!

In other news:

Livi is just too cute for words!!

She made me dinner the other night, doesn't it look appetizing???

Cheezits and broken up bread! lol

I purchased one of Jeff Hamilton's scalemaile flower pendants.  Instead of using at a pendant though, I attached a craft wire (which Jeff so graciously added along with the flower!) and I am going to add it to a small vase.  
These's nothing quite like a pretty flower that will wilt and will gather too much dust. :o)


  1. Ooh! That looks so pretty! Sea Foam, Under the Sea, Little Mermaid... any one of those names works for me! ;-)

  2. I do like the "Under the Sea"!!
    If I did a Little Mermaid color way, it would have to be greenish teal, and purple, and maybe a bit of red. lol

  3. I was thinking more on the lines of Dusky Forest Eve,
    it reminds me of the quiet soft colors you find at the end of the day as night falls under a thick grove of trees. with the last peek of yellow sunlight as it slips below the horizon.

  4. Love those colors! What size is the thread?

  5. Brilliant colours go well together as for a name grey sea,
    Lovely flower from Jeff he does some great work.

  6. Gorgeous color, so soft looking! Forest elf green....