Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Orange ya?

Lol, I just dyed up some more Messy Jess!-y

With this batch, I went some where I very rarely go.


I am not going to show any photos yet.  This batch is actually more orange than what I intended.  BUT, I think it's still going to look pretty. Even though I really do not care for orange, EXCEPT, I think it may have a fresh look. So, that will be fun, I guess.

Do you like Orange??

As far as tatting goes. I am working on a couple of edging type patterns.  One is more complex than the other.

Here is the more simple one:

I'm using size 40 "Madder Tatter", the pattern is from Occhi-Schiffchenspitze - Frivolite

I must tell you, Livi got on to me her shuttle.  She picked out this Tinkerbell shuttle at Tat Days and she was quite upset when she saw me using her shuttle without having asked first.

So, I asked nicely if I could use it this once.  She said it was okay. :o)  She is too sweet!

It's a cute shuttle but I don't like tatting with it (the stickers and little decals get in the way of my already tight tatting. ).  So, I'm glad that this shuttle really only needs one shuttle.  I'm only using the Tinkerbell shuttle as a portable ball.

I will show the other edging when I get more done on it. :o)


  1. would love to see how the orange HDT comes out!
    the edging looks very interesting in madder tatter! oops, the tinkle bell shuttle is cute.

  2. I do like orange, and it's my daughter's favourite colour. Good for livi, defending her shuttle! The edging looks very interesting, I look forward to seeing the other one too.

  3. How nice she has her own shuttle, that will teach you not to meddle with her shuttle. Another tatter in progress

  4. Orange... that sounds intriguing. Can't wait to see it!

  5. Orange is not my favorite color, but there are times when I am drawn to it... Dreamsicle anyone? ;-)

    I have used stickers a few times when decorating shuttles. I've found that a few layers of Mod Podge over the top helps keep them in place nicely. I understand Livi's need to protect her shuttle. I am very territorial with my personal supplies, especially shuttles!

  6. Love that little tinker bell but I understand wanting a smooth shuttle.
    Just wait, Mom,little Livi is watching you now!

  7. Can't wait to see the new color!! And, that is the more simple pattern??? Looks complex to me, but it's looking great!!! :)

  8. That is an interesting edging pattern.
    Orange can be interesting, but not my fav either.