Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank you Sharon!

I have another barter package to show.  This  one is from Sharon.
 I really do love these barters! In fact, I would do them for all my thread if I had a job or didn't need the money that comes in from selling them.  Because these packages are really a lot of fun and make me feel so special!
(and Livi too)
Here Livi has the contents, and she's smiling because Sharon sent her fun stuff too!

Fun!! You know... with all these beads, I'm starting to get the feeling that I should start adding beads to my tatting.  Of course... that means pre-planning. (EEeek!) lol

books! I did not have these.  Even though I have a difficult time with reading patterns, I love Karey's creativity.  (and my difficulty with the patterns stems from my difficulty with reading in general not Karey's wonderful explanation.  Actually if I sit down and actually read what she has written, it makes sense and I can figure it out... but reading in general is not easy for me.) So, I will have fun attempting these.

Livi got stickers.  She was trying to show me here favorite, because she accidentally dropped it right as I took the picture.  (Her favorites were the Ariel and Snoopy ones.)
Oh... did you happen to notice the Princess Tiana dress she has on?
She LOVES princess stuff. :o)

And small tatting! So cute. 
An angel, pattern by Marie Smith (tatted by Sharon)
And a button Butterfly pattern by Karey Solomon (tatted by Sharon)

I still haven't taken any pictures of things that I have tatted, but I have been tatting.  I've also been winding some skeins, so I plan to dye today. :o)


  1. Oh, my! I just discovered your blog. I love your threads.
    A couple of decades ago I taught dozens and dozens of women to tat, and just recently I pulled out some I started years go. Yes, I do remember how!
    Love the colors of your threads!

  2. Thank you Dora! I am glad you found my blog!
    Thanks Sherry, she is a doll!