Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Evening vs Morning tension... makes me sad :o(

So, I started Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire last night.  I used my new "Olive Warbler" with Lizbeth Gold.  I also used some of  the beads that Sharon sent.  (they are lime green)

I only did half of the heart last night.  It turned out really nice:
 Then I decided to finish the pattern this morning... but apparently my tension is much looser in the morning.... not nice.

And here's the train wreck all together:

::sad face::

The colors match together well though, don't you think???

ALSO!!! Does anyone live near Knoxville?  Livi and I are going up there this weekend to see the Imagination Movers in concert... SO excited!!


  1. it is amazing, how much tension can change putting your work down and picking it up again.
    I suspect that morning tatting was interrupted several times by a sweet little girl asking questions. he he

  2. Good try! And the colors are a nice match!! :)

  3. lolz... thanks y'all. Yes, Livi has been very inquisitive and very needy today.
    All in all though, I'm not too upset about it. It was my first real attempt at using beads. And I've never done anything with this many beads.

  4. Hello Jessica,
    You may have heard this story. Yesterday my hubby and I were on route from Canada to Kansas City. I was tatting and ran out of the shuttle thread I was using, a variegated thread from a skein. So I asked Roger if we could stop and would he mind helping me wind a shuttle in the Wendy's we stopped at. Of course he did not mind. After I finished all the sudden this charming man was standing there saying he noticed I was a tatter and that his daughter was too and made hand died tatting thread!!! I was almost in shock that someone knew what I was doing, let alone that his daughter was also a tatter! Anyways do you have a web site for your threads?

  5. Hello Ardelle!! I did hear the story! I actually messaged you on facebook (or at least thought I did). But yes! I blog about my tatting and my thread here, and I sell my threads through etsy. The link to my etsy shop is

    My dad is a very personable fellow isn't he? I don't think he has met a stranger! :o) I haven't met too many either, so I guess it runs in the family.
    I would love see some of your tatting! We here in Tatland, as we call it, love seeing the work of other tatters!! Also, that is so nice that your hubby would help wind your shuttles!

  6. Just checked facebook again, see no message. Looking at your treads they are gorgeous....

  7. I have read where knitting or crochet gauge can change due to stress, so I guess tatting could loosen or tighten the same way. You werent trying to strangle those stitches were you??

  8. Ardelle, I think I messaged your quilting page. But, I just requested your friendship :o)
    Thank you for the compliment! I like having fun the with dyes!
    Sharon, I think it may be more that it takes me a long time to wake up lol and until I'm "up"... I'm pretty much useless. :o)

  9. Great colourway, Jess! I love it!
    Fox : )