Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Did you know?

There is a flower called "Reigning Pink Lemonade".  It's a Day lily

I had already been wanting a "Pink Lemonade" colorway, but this flower made it official!! lol

Right now all I have are size 40's and they will be in the shop tomorrow. 
I would have done others but I need to wind more skeins, and that actually does take more time than I have to invest in it right now.

What I do otherwise is, wind the skeins, soak them in the soda ash and then let them dry.  Then I dye the dry skeins.  
BUT, anyway, here's Pink Lemonade:

The outside color is a solid of my jade.  (like that is used in "Peacock", "Chilled", and the new but not yet available "Esmeralda")
Anybody think I should do a colorway incorporating pink lemonade with jade? 
That's what I kept think while I was tatting this. 
I think jade (well, my jade anyway.. it's more of a tealish blue isn't it?)  and hot pink may be my most favorite colors in the whole world. (But yellow and brown rank pretty high as well)
The butterfly makes for number 97 of my 25 100 motif challenge.  3 more to go and I will restart. lol

Fun, right??


  1. Looks great, Jess! Will have the plessure to try it !!! The leaves of the plant, do they also have a little bit of teal in it? Looks like...

  2. You are right, definately fun!

  3. Love it! I'll have to hope there's still some left next month when I go on my next shopping spree. Some women crave chocolate during PMS, I crave colour (and chocolate)

  4. Pink lemonade? Who knew? Look forward to seeing it combined with teal!

  5. I love the look of that Pink Lemonade!!! :)
    That is one of my favorite drinks.