Friday, May 18, 2012

99 skeins out the door (and a very short video of my tatting)

So.... as of right now, I have sold exactly 99 skeins!! WOOHOO!!!

Unfortunately, the shop will be on vacation for the next week (starting tomorrow afternoon) because I am going out of town!  I am SOO excited!!
I am taking Livi to Knoxville to see the Imagination Movers in concert, which will be on Sunday.  I got us the good tickets too.  The good tickets get you a wristband which gets you into the after party.  So Livi will get to see a private show and actually get to meet the Movers and have her picture taken with them!!  We are super excited!!
THEN! Since I hardly ever go ANY WHERE , we are going to stay a few extra days and hang out with my little brother.  We are even planning on going to the zoo.

I'm still trying to think of a special pattern to tat while I'm gone.  If I don't have a game plan, I'll just be messing around and then not get anything done.  I just ordered Maynard's 4 square ring.  I saw a picture where someone had tatted one of her patterns.  I won't get the book until I get back in town, but I was thinking about starting it.  I figured I shouldn't feel too bad about using the other tatters picture as a pattern since I did buy the book for myself... right?
OR I will work on one the doillies from Neibach's Tatted Doilies.
OR choosing one of Koniors patterns that can be connected together and making a bunch of those.
 choices choices choices....

I officially ran out of size 40 thread off the cone, but I am planning on taking my size 20 cone and wind some skeins.  Don't worry, my size 40 fans, I have a new size 40 cone in the mail on the way to me as I type!

Now, hopefully this is going to work.... 
I had Livi hold my tablet while I tatted a split ring and a regular ring.  However, she was having an interesting day... to say the least. I will work at making another one. (I was also a little tired/ cranky)
Eliz had mentioned that I tat differently than anyone she has seen, so I was wondering if anyone else tats this way:

Just as a note... I do not usually drop my shuttle as much I do in this video, which is the main reason I want to redo it.  It is hard to tat with an almost 5 year old leaning on your arm lol  I also would not drop my work when getting ready for the split ring.. shift it :  yes... completely let go of it... no. :o)


I just looked in Livi's bag... this is what she packed:

A bunch of toys.. and two shuttles
One of which she "blinged" and the other is my new one that I just got from LaCossette

Seriously?  Could she be any sweeter???


  1. Congratulations on your sales! Enjoy the trip, both of you. Looking forward to seeing what your away tatting when you get back.

  2. Your tatting method reminds me of my friend Marilee's (Yarnplayer) style. I pinch the thread between my thumb and middle finger, and my movements are similar to Frivole's, though I'm not nearly as smooth or as fast as she is!

    Congratulations on your sales! I am sorely tempted to buy each and every color as it comes out, but I need to seriously start digging into the stash of HDTs I already own. That's going to take a while!

    Tell Livi I think she did a great job packing! I hope the two of you have a wonderful vacation!

  3. I've seen people that tat like you, so don't sweat that. I tat in the classic "slip 'n' slide" method taught by my grandmother. No method is wrong , if it gets good results.

    Why don't you tat Birgit's Romantic Heart?

  4. congrats on your sales. and have fun on your trip. looks like Livi packed what was most important.
    your tatting style may be different then mine, but when I first learned mine was very different than anyone elses. I tatted in the palm of my hand, similar to the "dead spider" technique for split rings. and I wound my thread the opposite direction. after a hiatus, I retaught myself the slip and slide method, but doing "dead spider" split rings is oh so easy for me.

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  6. Congratulations on your sales!
    You hold your ring thread like I hold my crochet. Whatever gets the desired results. On the Palmetto Tattters website is a video of Tatting Hands there are lots of ways of holding thread and shuttle!

  7. WOW! Congrats on your sales! I need to get some more of your thread :)

    And enjoy the weekend with your daughter. Special, special, special!

  8. The sales is a nice milestone. Congrats! Have fun watching the Movers!

  9. I've never seen anyone tat that way before, but it sure looks like it is faster than how I tat.

    I must tell you I have a big smile on my face from listening to Livi on the video. CUTENESS!

    Enjoy your time away, and congrats on 99 skiens.

  10. Hi Jess, congrats to your sales and I wish you sooo much fun on your trip!
    I am going to the post box every day,waitung excitingly for your package,challange ball;-)), but the water is deap and the sea is large ;-)))
    Hugs Gunhild