Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goggly eye are just too fun!

This is one my "one shuttle hearts" tatted in Lizbeth size 40 Gold.
I attached the eyes were the three side rings meet.
Since they are the sew on googly eyes, attaching just meant threading a loop of thread through and then passing the shuttle through the loop. 
I love how giving eyes to anything, gives that object instant personality.  This doesn't work with any other facial feature.
Imagine adding just a nose to something.  It would just look weird. 

Here's the back.

This little guy is packed up and heading out and up to the northwest (northwest from here anyway).  I hope he will be happy in his new home 900 miles from here! lol

And this is a robin's nest that is in our Crate Myrtle:
Can you see the little chick beaks?? SOO cute!!
In case you re wondering: I took this picture while sitting calmly on the porch and just used the super zoom to get the picture.  I would never want to disturb them and make the momma feel threatened.

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  1. I've looked all over for googly eyes that you can 'stitch' into work. All I've ever found are 'stick on' ones. In the end I've resorted to making animal eyes with 'just beads' but many times I've wanted googly ones just like those!!! Children will love those hearts.

  2. Well, those sound like magic words to me. :o) I will send you some, I found these at the magical Hobby Lobby. Plus, I would absolutely love to see what you could do with them!

  3. "hoo hoo", big heart is watching you!
    Nice, realy nice, and they are to sew on, yes that's seldom. I have also only to stick on, but they are special ... you will see :)
    Cute little robin, unbeleavable to take such a foto, Jess!

  4. I think it would be really wonderful to actually see the little babies, but if I am only blessed with seeing their little beaks on occasion and hearing their sweet little chirps, that will be okay too.

    I hope you like the sew on eyes that are in the challenge ball!

  5. I don't know which is cuter...the googly eyes or the baby birds?