Sunday, May 20, 2012

Livi tatting

Today is the day of the concert.  BUT b4 we get ready, we are getting some tatting done.

Ever since Livi saw Eliz show that boy at Mcdonalds to tat by holding the working thread she has wanted me to teach her to tat that way. :o)
I also have video but my tablet wont let me upload video.


  1. Livi, it's so exciting that you're learning to tat. You've one of the best teachers right with you! Have a fun getaway. Karen in OR
    (didn't seem to go through 1st time. Hope this works.)

  2. won't be long, and she will be tatting all by herself, right along with you. I learned at 6 from my grandmother.

  3. Livi, you go girl! So glad to see you are learning to tat.

  4. Great tatting you two!!! :)
    Looks like Livi will be a great tatter too!!!

  5. Isn't that nice to see,Livi , you are doing perfect!!!

  6. Thank you all for all the wonderful comments! Livi enjoyed them all!