Thursday, May 10, 2012

Serendipity and flowers

So, I have been working on flowers... here are some:
 The following 8 flowers are all from The Artistry of Teiko Fujito.  They are also all the same pattern, except I changed some of the numbers along the way.
The top one is the blended thread from Val.  It tats up to about like size 40.
The bottom two are size 20, and are my attempt at recreating Citrilcious, but it's darker/ bolder.

Here I've got my new "Serendipity" followed by LadyShuttlemaker's "Magnolia", then the next three are my own and from left to right " "Queen Anthias", "Pink Lemonade" with a "Queen Anthias" center, and "Torch Lily" (or at least my latest attempt at it)

Then I tried to empty my shuttle of "Serenditpity" with one of my one shuttle hearts... but didn't have quite enough thread.
The next one is the first two rounds of the Sweet Rose pattern by Jon Yusoff from Tatted Snowflake Collection
This colorway has no name, but if anyone would like some, I can do an actual batch of it.  I had dyed a dress for myself with these colors, so I dyed a couple of skeins with it as well.

So, "Serendipity"..... I spent the morning winding skeins, so that I can do a fairly big batch of skeins with a light blue, jade, and chartreuse.  I was debating putting a darker blue in the mix, just so that it wouldn't be too light.  But, I still had purple from Queen Anthias in my little stainless steel pots from the other day.  I realized this little tidbit after I had already laid out the skeins.  Then... I accidentally dropped my little cup of purple on the skeins. I was heart broken.  But I decided to go on with it.  The result was a happy accident so it shall be called "Serendipity"

I did happen to have a couple more skeins, so I did a couple of the blue, jade, chartreuse and they are above and beyond beautiful.  I will just have to do more of them. :o)

Tomorrow is going to be Livi's last day of preschool!  This is what she gave me for Mother's Day:


  1. Livi's present is really precious! Her description of her mummy is cute! Have a great Mother's Day.

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  3. Fabulous colors and flowers!!! :)
    And what a precious keepsake from Livi!!! :)

  4. Hallo Jess, oh I saw "Serpendity"!That's my color, wow it's soooo beautiful!!!!!