Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Row 4: finished!

I have completed Row 4
Which incidentally, in this picture is the top row.
So, here's the run down so far
Row 1: Pink Lemonade, Esmeralda, Aurora, Lizbeth Lemon Yellow, Camolicious
Row2: Lizbeth Seagreen Light, "a nameless autumn mix"  Autumn Loam, Pastel Rainbow, Rainbowlicious, Rustic Blue
Row 3: Mindanao Gum, Torch Lily, Peacock, Pitaya Limeade, Lizbeth Lime
Row4: Royal Biscuit, Serendipity, Lizbeth Purple Md, Royal Biscuit, and Pinkaholic

So, at first, I was going to do the whole thing in what Fox has named Royal Biscuit:

But, I realized that I would get very tired of the color if I did all 25 squares in it.  So, that's why there are two squares with the same colorway. 

And the not represented colorways that I have left are Chilled, Queen Anthias, Fancy Fields, Olive Warbler, 
But, I have temporarily lost my Olive Warbler... sad, I know... but it'll work out. :o)


  1. I love all the colors! It's a great way to showcase your HDTs!

  2. The colours look fantastic together, I agree with Diane a great way to show off your HDTs

  3. Thanks! It's quite fun to do as well. I've never done an edging, so I'm interested to see if I actually finish this piece with the intended outside edge that's in the book. :o)