Friday, June 1, 2012

Blue Ridge

I was born in Virginia.  My parents were born and raised there.  In fact, they moved to Memphis when I was 2 weeks old.  So, they spent first 26 years for my mom and 31 years for my dad or their lives in Viriginia.  I love Virginia, I think it is one of the most beautiful places anywhere.
My granny lives on a farm, and I love going up there and looking out at the horizon and seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Why? Because they really do look blue! Of course, they are the only mountains that I have ever seen, so maybe all mountains look like that in the distance.  That of course is against the point.

So, my newest colorway will be called Blue Ridge.  I love it already and I don't expect to see it for long in my shop.  Partly because it really is beautiful, partly because I only dyed up 5 in size 20 and 5 in size 40. Also partly, but more mostly because I know that a great many of you have mentioned that you adore the color blue.

The skeins are drying out on the porch right now.  (I like to sun dry them)

But here's a picture of the Blue Ridge Mountains for now:



They are dry and listed!!


  1. Just when I think I don't need any more thread, I think I may need some more thread! Love the picture!

  2. Ohhh...that is pretty, love how the mountains are layered shades of blue, I bet the thread is gorgeous! Just south of here we have the Sangre de Cristo the evening they catch the light sometimes and glow red. A direct translation would be the Blood of Christ Mountains. I think that most of the mountains here have a touch of purple to them, and often snow capped peaks...The Rocky mountain ranges that I have seen at least, and I have seen quite a few from up in Canada down to the New Mexico/Mexico border.

  3. Very, very pretty with appropriate name. Karen in OR

  4. Oh!!! My favorite color never looked so awesome!! :)