Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can you feel the ORANGE tonight...

I did say I was going to get some dyeing done this summer :o)

So, this week's colorways are quite ORANGE: (ish)

Here is Marty's suggested Sunrise and Susie's Suggested Sun colorway that will be named: "Susie Sunshine"
I put them side by side so you could get a better feel for them through comparison.  If you were to just glimpse at the two photos below, your eyes could be tricked into thinking they were of the same thing.

But believe, they are VERY different.

Sunrise: Will be available in sizes 20 and 40

Susie Sunshine: Will be available in size 20 only for right now.

What will be next, you ask? 

Well, for one, I haven't done any tatting since I finished my square the other day, so I'd like to get some tatting done.  ESPECIALLY since I bought 3 new books that I haven't even touched yet.

But, as far as dyes are concerned, I would like to get some more "Mother of Pearl" dyed up, it was a smashing success.
Also, I would like to tackle Bree's salmon, Neeneral's fruit pie, and the two chocolate suggestions
And also, I've been in contact with some people through email and want to tackle their suggestions as well.

Next week, I will look at some of the other suggestions and see what I can do. :o)

I also need to revisit Kaleidoscope and Harvest.

Also, I've got some idea of my own

Which of these do YOU find most interesting:

Summer's Bliss was actually a suggestion that I sent in to Handy Hands.  It was when I got tired of waiting to see if they would pick it or not that I decided I would like try dyeing for myself.  Of course, you can see how far that has gone. :o)
So, this one should definitely be done!

So, I have lots planned and I am just getting started!  Of course once school starts in the fall, I'll have to slow down again.

Also, it's still not official, but I've talked myself into it enough that I'll mention it.  I really really want to go down to Tat Days in September. Even if I can't afford to take the classes, I want to go and sell my HDT.  I'll have Livi with me though, but she's already super excited! 
That's another reason for my push to dye more this summer.
For one, to save up some money to afford the eight hour or so drive, a place to stay and food to eat.
And secondly, to have a wide range of colors to offer.


  1. Oh, LOVE the jade and salmon idea. It can take months and months to hear about colourway suggestions to Handy Hands but when you DO win 25 balls like I did that time it's like Christmas and birthdays rolled into one. Well it is for an OG who doesn't dye her own threads!!!
    You've GOT to come to Palmetto - that's an order!!!

  2. Alright, alright, I hear ya. I'll apply. I don't need to pay for Livi though right? That's one area I still haven't gotten a solid answer on. I will be alone with her, so it's not like she say sit somewhere while I'm in a class.

    Jane, birthday and Christmas rolled into one... I know you didn't mean it... but that's all I ever get lol My birthday is three days before Christmas, so rolling those two into one is an all too common, and all too painful experience in my life. lol
    I'm teasing of course, but that would be wonderful even for someone who dyes. I would get solids though. I love pairing my colorways with Lizbeth solids.

  3. Ooooh, bright and fun colors!!! :)

  4. I love the Jade Salmon, cloud watching and summers bliss! And I'm going to need to win the lottery in order to keep up with your thread. I NEED Susie Sunshine!

  5. I like the jade salmon too, but they are all pretty, lol!

  6. Oh, oh, oh. What's a girl to do with so many colors she likes and limited budget!!?? Karen in OR

  7. i just felt the need to tell you that your orange blends are beautiful...thats all. :)

  8. very pretty suggestions. have fun with your paints.
    and have fun at TaT Days, wish I could go.

  9. Love the Susie Sunshine...getting to go to tat days would be so fun, but it's a long ways from Colorado...I think its terrific that you are going. I think my big girl shares your Birthday, the 22nd. I always tell her she is the best Christmas present I ever got as she came home Christmas Eve. We try really hard to keep the 2 celebrations separate for her.

  10. Happy Birthday to Livi! Haven't yet sent her a card, but will do so ...


  11. Of course, if you keep putting the "new" thread into Etsy, you may SELL all of it before TatDays! I think my favorite thing about your thread, as opposed to commercial is the gradual changes from one color to the next. (Also, the colors you've done lately are just lovely!)