Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brief Update from my Out of town days...

Hello!  I found a computer, so I thought I'd send out a little "hello!" and try to catch up on replying to emails before "lupper" is ready.

I still have my shop open and have actually stayed on top on the orders Well, the whole 2 that have come in since I've been away from home.  I am very thankful for those 2 though :o)

I brought a bunch of tatting books, but what have I been tatting?  Well, I've been working on Jon's Chinese Coin Bookmark, which I memorized before I left.  Also, I'm working on the "4 square ring" mat/ mini quilt that I was working on a few weeks ago.  Do you see a "pattern" here..... no patterns from any of my pattern books.  Sheesh. lol

So, since I am on my aunt's computer, I don't have any pictures to share.  But I do have some color ideas for when I get in town.

And also, as a reminder to myself, I'll get a picture of all the lovely cards that Livi received last week for her birthday.  She got so tickled with them.  She's even been telling my family that she got cards from all over the world. She is such a sweetie!

As far as farm matters are concerned:  We've been walking around, watching the donkeys and the cows.  We watched my uncle on a tractor, but I haven't asked for him to give Livi a ride yet.  I think she would enjoy it though.  

I hope you all are having fun out there in Tatland and I will look forward to catching up on the blogs when I get back in town this weekend!!



  1. Good to hear from you. Time on the farm can be relaxing. I'll be contacting you in a few days as I "need" a couple more threads. Karen in OR

  2. sounds like a good time. Tractor rides are a must, she can't leave the farm with out one.

  3. It's great to see you check in and to know that you are doing well! I'm thrilled that you're finding inspiration, but can we get a promise of no browns? Even if you call it 'Old Desk' or 'Cherry Wood', I'll still be dubbing it 'Horse Manure' in my head *blushes* No cow dung, either. LOL. :-D

    For Livi: I'm sorry that I missed your birthday, but I just didn't know where to send the card! Now, get on the tractor and get inspired for your own works of art! I'd like to tat with 'LivThread' as soon as possible!

    Stephanie Grace