Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I did get some more thread in the shop...

So, today and tomorrow, (or rather yesterday and today depending on what time zone you are in)
I have been dog sitting over at my friend's house.  Now, I love dogs and cats.  However, I am extremely allergic.  Not, the kind of allergic like my throat swells and I am going to die.  No... more like the just really annoying kind of allergic.  So, right now I am typing up this post with only one eye, because the other swollen shut. Also, I know have a toothache because my sinuses are telling my teeth to get my attention (or something along those lines)

BUT I did get some more threads listed!  I have three colorways that were listed today.
The first, Fireflies... you've already seen.

Then I got some "Delicately Delicious" listed.
Now, "Delicately Delicious" is actually just a temporary name as I am waiting to hear from Bri from Bree's Way.  Since this colorway was inspired by her, I figure I'll give her a shot at naming it.
But in the meantime it will be referred to as "Delicately Delicious"

Now, this one is really friggin funny if you ask me.

If you been following for a little while, then you will know that I have tried Martha Ess's suggestion for "Harvest" once before.  But, it's didn't turn out too great, because my chocolate dye was very grey next to a not red dye.  
So, I actually bought a dark brown and dark red dye so that I could do the "Harvest" because I envision it to be a wonderful colorway.
But, I got a little ahead of myself last night.  I wanted to try a slightly different way of dyeing.  A way that would allow the colors to blend together evenly more smoothly.  Well, I took a couple of wrong turns... 

Once I realized that I was doing it all wrong, I just started smooshing all the dye together.  At that point, I was just really glad that I didn't do many skeins. lol
But as I was doing that, I realized that this would be end up being perfectly chocolately... in a very gooey kind of way.
So.... I present the extremely small batch of 
"Chocolate Ooey Gooey"!!

I still want to do an actual "Chocoholic" colorway like was suggested by a couple of people, but this one is just dark browns, with a reddish overtone.  It really looks phenominal.

If it proves to be popular, I can try to do up some more in the same fashion. :o)
I have only sizes 20 and 80 right now.

But, I swear Stephanie Grace, this is not Horse Manure! 

For those who don't know what I am talking about, 
Stephanie Grace commented on my other posts asking me to promise no browns for a farm inspired colorway because it would only remind her of cow dung and horse manure. 
Too funny.

Too bad one of my favorite colors to work with is brown. Eeekk!


  1. Aha, I see you advancing along the path of mixing dyes!! Good job.

  2. well, it looks like a red velvet cake. Lots of chocolate and red dye

  3. Yep! More like red velvet cake than chocolate in my screen - but lovely anyway, of course!

    Just the other day I read the red in the red velvet cake is beetroot! Who knew?

  4. Alright :o) Red Velvet it is! I guess now that it has a more appropriate name, I should work on making more, right?
    It would be a challenge... and I do like challenges. so I accept. (a challenge from myself... )

  5. Beets are good. I make a mean Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake, and I have made a Tomato chocolate Cake with Tomato Cream Cheese frosting that was scarfed down lickity split.

    The sauerkraut is drained and you think you are eating coconut.

    oh, and while I haven't made one in a few years, I have also made some green tomato pies. tastes like apple