Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm BACK!!!

Now, first up we have birthday cards!  These are not all of them, I accidentally left Sharon's in the office. :o(
Livi loved all of them. 
Thank you to everyone that sent a card!
Frances even added a sweet little tatted heart with hers.
Also, Ladytats sent a cut little charm to go on Livi's scissors. 

These little goodies are from the Eborall sisters!

The butterfly in the baggie is from Jane, she sent it for Livi's birthday when she sent the Roly Poly Bag that I ordered from her.  :o)
The other three are from Sally.  She sent them probably a month ago, but I never got around to photographing them.  She very kindly let me order more plugs for Pop-a-bobbin shuttle.  I miraculously lost the two that came with it. 
I was delightfully surprised by the tatting that included :o)

I made a "boo boo" on it though, can you see it??
I actually finished the bookmark before I left for out of town, and I have other tatting to show, but I will save it until my next post.

My Granny gave me some books!
The first one, has some really great color photos that will be great inspiration for colorways!

And the other actually has tatting in it and a picture of tatting shuttles on the back!

 Livi did get her tractor ride!!!!!

patiently waiting for that ride!

being goofy waiting for the ride :o)
 The ride... with the gorgeous background!!

And some color inspiration!!!

This is especially for Stephanie Grace:
The only color idea that comes with a little poem!

 Cow Pie Surprise
(by Jess!)
The grass may be greener 
on the other side, 
but you'll have to look out
 for the "Cow Pie Surprise"!

And of course, the first thing I did when I got home was hit the dye pots!
This is (drum roll please)

Please notice that the dark color is NOT brown, or black, 
It's "black cherry", it's a very very very VERY dark purplish color
And then it's has a small section of lime green, so that the finished piece will be mostly black cherry with a suprise of firefly occasionally! 

I am thinking about doing a MK Spinning Glass Mat in it, because it is the absolute best at showing off colorways. :o)

I will say this on the front end:
The only ones that are going to end up in the shop are the ones that don't have "stars"

However, if you would like a skein with "stars" then I will gladly send you one for free if you will either send me the money for shipping or if you happen to buying other thread from my shop, I can include it in that package. 

When I say "stars", I mean that there is a white section where I failed to fully coat the thread with the black cherry.  The stars are pretty much through the whole skein, so that means that any finished piece will have a white "star" (or a couple of stars) about every yard or so, unless of course, the "star" ends up as your core thread. 

I know I have at least 2 size 20's and 1 size 40 with "stars"

However, I guess if you were really good at the SLT you could get around the "stars" without them showing up.


  1. sounds like you had a great time at the farm and very glad that Livi got her tractor ride.
    the colors of nature are so much fun.

  2. oh, yes, I like the poem too. he he, a fact of life in the wide outdoors.

  3. We did have fun!

    You know, I just now thought about it, and I think that my fear of stepping in one of those cow pies is one reason I have a tendency to watch the ground as I walk. (More so than most people anyway) It has been quite profitable though! For one, I have never had the misfortune of stepping in a cow pie. My brother did once though (so funny!!!) And for another, I tend to find money on the ground regularly! I once found a 50 dollar bill that a whole crowd of people were just walking all over. lol

  4. The books from your granny look great. The Eborall sisters, love that - still think of myself as an Eborall so a joy to read! I can see you are addicted to your dye pots, and why not, some fabulous colourways, the rich colours look so good when tatted. Pleased Livi enjoyed the tractor ride, such fun for a little girl.

  5. Nice bookmark in great colors!!! :)

  6. Yay!!! Welcome back! I sure missed you. glad your time on the farm was so good. I love the picture of Livi with her tongue hanging out! I think my favorite pics of my kidletts are the ones where they are pulling faces, you get a sense of who they are.
    Just gotta say I love firefly! Now I have to get busy tatting so I have room in my HDT stand to order some. Another colour way along the same lines ( mostly one colour with a little blip of another) that would be really nice would be forget me not. Mostly cornflower blue with blips of yellow.

  7. Welcome back. Like your poem, pictures, threads and well, everything. My order arrived way faster than I expected! Thank you. Karen in OR

  8. *blushes* Awww... Love the poem! LOL. Hehe.. I feel special. :-P I hate to admit it, but I actually like the green and brown combination, LOL! It's country and masculine and really reminds me of jumping in muddy puddles in the field as a kid! :-D (As far you watching where you step, LOL... I look down as I walk, too... Now cow-pies, but I always had big dogs, so the backyard was full of landmines!).

    Another childhood memory is catching lightning bugs --almost every night during the spring and summer, so that thread made me fall in love! Wow... Cow-Pie Surprise and 'Fireflies' are my childhood... Are we sure that I'm from the suburbs? LOL.

    Of everything else, I'm too jealous! Livi's cards, Livi's tractor ride, you're Roly Poly Bag, you're tatted goodies, your books, your granny... Showoff! Wanna trade places for a few months? LOL. ;-)

    Stephanie Grace
    P.S. I love the picture of Livi with her tongue out! Thank you for being a mother with a sense of FUN! So many parents confuse goofing around with disrespect and I'm glad that you embrace the goofiness of childhood! :-D (Now, ask her if she can touch her nose with her tongue... One in a thousand people can do it, LOL... I can!).