Thursday, June 14, 2012

"French Country" and "Jade n Salmon"

So, I actually dyed this up last week, but when I went to take pictures of the thread that I was posting I forgot to photograph this one. 
This suggestion was from Texas Tatter!

And here's another picture of "Jade n Salmon"
The flower is from The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito.

And I pulled another "Jess!" move... turned a motif of six repeats into a motif of five repeats.  
Why do I do this? 
I get 
and over anxious to finish things. 

I also left off the picots on the top and substituted "ruffle" "BDS" stitches.
I quite like it!

Livi had a spectacular birthday!
She got loads of birthday cards (Thank you everyone that sent one, or is still sending her one.  She has really enjoyed the mail!)!  My little brother (he's 24) took her and I to her first baseball game.  
Then we went to her favorite restaurant El Porton for dinner.  She picked there, even though we go there like once a week because she wanted to where the hat and get cream on her nose.

OH! AND I will be out of town next week. I am going to the Granny's.  I plan to keep the shop open though.  At least if I get orders, I'll have a reason to get out of the house which will help keep me from getting too bored. I love going to visit, but other than walk around the farm, watch t.v., and swing on the porch, there's not a lot to do.  This will be an extreme change from my usual never stopping routine.

I also made some t-shirt yarn and dyed it.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm thinking about offering it in my shop. Maybe it will interest braiders, if not crocheter and knitters.
This little ball is only about 8 yards though.

Maybe I'll learn how to crochet and then learn to crochet a flower.  My SIL wants a flower for a headband for my baby neice.


  1. Bree, I figure your suggested colorway (which I don't think I've heard/ read a name for yet) will be the same as the Jade n Salmon... but of course with out the greens. I think it's going to be really pretty. :o)

  2. Have fun at the farm, sounds like a good place to re-energize and find lots of interesting colorways.

  3. Very true! I'll make sure to take a notebook with me, so I jot down my ideas. (and a camera so I show the inspirations) Since it's warm and the flowers are out, maybe we'll see lots of pretty butterflies!

  4. French country is absolutely fabulous!

    Have fun at the farm--how fortunate to be able to give your daughter that experience. I have students who have no idea what a farm is!

  5. Oh wow, I loved visiting the farm when I was little. It was especially fun when we got to sit on the porch and pop peas with Granny and Papaw. Then sometimes we would go with Papaw to count the calves, or ride on the tractor to do whatever it was that were doing lol
    Or OH waiting for earthworms to pop out of the ground in the rain.
    I think all kids should do those kinds of things. :o)

  6. I love your new colors, especially French Country!

    Have fun on the farm! Although our farm is on a highway with at least 100 semis passing each day, I do find life on the farm to be far more relaxing than when we lived in the suburbs (almost 30 years ago).

  7. Love the new colors -- sooo much temptation! Enjoy the slower pace of life on the farm. Take time to relax and energize yourself. Fall classes will start soon enough.

  8. Your tatted flower looks really nice! And your HDT's are really great too! :)

  9. Some of us who tat also crochet...I'd be willing to trade crocheted flowers for HDT...just a thought.