Saturday, June 2, 2012

Playing with 4 squares

I am really enjoying Mary Maynard's Tatting a 4 square ring

The first round of this piece is modeled after one of the pieces in her book. For the 2nd,  I am just kind of improvising.  I plan to tat 4 individual squares for the corners to make one big square though.

I really want to try to log cabin blues (I think that what it's called)  So, that may end up being the out side of this piece.  However, I know myself too well.. I would never finish it. :o(

Tatilicious Size 40 "Blue Ridge"

These blues are absolutely gorgeous.  This scan does them no justice what so ever. 

I'll photograph tomorrow if there is sun.  

I am really LOVING all the suggestions that are coming in on the Giveaway blog!
They are really wonderful, and I hope everyone is having fun with it!

Honestly, I am trying to get around to all the ideas that I think I can do with the dyes that I have right now.  Some of the ideas would require me to invest in more dye, which I am not in a financial place to be doing right now.  

If I do use your idea, I will make sure to send you a skein as a "thank you" for the idea.  I will also mention you as the inspiration if any end up in the etsy shop!

On a more personal note.... Livi is at her first "sleep over" tonight.  She is sleeping over at "NeeNee" and "Papaw"'s (Chris's dad and stepmom)  She was so excited!! Her cousin Payton and his little friend were both spending the night over there.  She won't miss me. lol  She's always been like that.  When she was just a wee baby, I'd take her to the nursery at church... she would always gladly go.  Never any tears.  She did the same with preschool.  No "goodbyes" No "Mommy, don't leave me" 
That's my Livi... little Miss Independent. 



  1. that is a pretty blues colorway. and your tatting is looking very nice. I can see an interest doily by filling in the triangle corners with a coordinating by different color. really a neat looking piece.
    kids... sigh... they grow up so fast.

  2. Great looking design there!! :)
    I have an independent one too and she told me on her first day of school to "go home! I will be ok-bye mommmmmmm! She handled it well and I was lost! :)