Tuesday, June 5, 2012

dyeing..... trials and errors... and a birthday request.

So, I have been working on the suggestions from my little giveaway.

So far, I have gotten to "Kaleidoscope", "Mother of Pearl" and "Harvest"
Kaleidoscope, (thank you Ladytats!) needs to be re-done , because the transistion between purple and orange needs to eased.  Also, I think the green needs to be darkened just a smidge.
What do you think?

Next, Bonnie's suggestion for "Mother of Pearl" had me scratching my head.  How in the world was I going to make this one happen?
I waited a little too late today to take pictures.  There was kind of an overcast, so this picture is actually  a little darker than the actual colors.

And then Martha's suggestion for Harvest had me really excited.  Except, I seem to have trouble with my browns.  This time it turned our really gray.  So, I think when I redo this one, I will use the same brown that I used in Peacock.  THEN, I tried to wing a dark red... and you as you can see, it looks like dark red violet.  
Plus, there are my usual holes that come with this dark pink color.  I really need to figure out how to fix that. I think I found a product that will help though today. :o)

So Martha, thank you so much for the idea.  I will try again to get something that I feel does your suggestion more justice though. 

SOOO, the skeins that are not going to the inspiring persons, will start to go in the shop on Friday!

OH and I did my first dyeing attempt at yarn the other day.
The reason for my dyeing yarn was so that I could send it a lady in Alaska who is going to crochet an elephant for Livi with it.

I am so excited to see how the elephant will turn out!!

But, here's what  the yarn looked like before I sent it:

ALSO, I have a somewhat silly favor to ask.  Next week is Livi's 5th birthday. (June 13th).  If anyone would like to send her a birthday card, I know that she would get the biggest kick out of it!  She absolutely loves to  go through the blogs with me.  So I know it will mean a lot to her. 
Anyway, if you send her a birthday card, I'll send you a coupon for free shipping to be used in my etsy shop. 
The coupon will be individual, so that means that you can use whenever you want.  


  1. June 13th will be my granddaughter Eva's 10th birthday!

    I love seeing all of your colors!

  2. the colorway suggestions are all very interesting. Thank you for doing Kaleidoscope.

    and the other colors look good, tho I can see what you mean by a better transition between the purple and orange. I can imagine that brown and red would be hard to get right. then are always hard to match when sewing too.

  3. the experimental HDTs look interesting. the yarn is gorgeous. i can't wait to see the crocheted ele!

    livi's very sweet in pink.

  4. Please e-mail your address and as I would love to send a card to your daughter.

  5. Browns and reds are really difficult to dye. The results look good anyway, I like the serendipity of the process. Glad I know what the yarn was for, I look forward to seeing the elephant! Can I send Livi an e-card? Too late for posting now. It's my daughter's birthday today, the parcel I sent two weeks ago arrived on the day.

  6. Jess,

    Please send me your snail mail address so that I can send Livi a birthday card.


  7. Your color experiments are beautiful!
    I've done a bit of dyeing myself, it was a lot of fun!

    I'd love to send Livi a birthday card! (Since I don't have any grandbabies of my own {pouty-face})

  8. I really like the soft colors of Mother of Pearl. They are almost fairy like in the pictures.