Saturday, October 29, 2011


So I tatted this adorable little bracelet for Livi to give to one of her friends for her birthday.  Unfortunately, I decided to do it at the very last minute and didn't get a chance to take a picture of it.  It makes me sad. BUT Livi says she wants one too but instead of in Yellow like her friend's she wants one in Rainbow. :o) Also, just about everyday she asks me when I'm going to teach her how to tat. It's so cute!! She's four, so she lacks a lot of the skills necessary to actually learn it, but I have sat her down with one of those friendship braiding wheels so she could make a braided bracelet with yarn or embroidery floss, she's likes that :o)  Any time she gets a hold of one my shuttles, or a pair, she likes to twirl them above her head likes she going to rope something. Did I mention that she's a little cowgirl.  She has cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat.  Her Papaw even has a farm with horses and she's been horseback riding ever since she was like a year old.  She even has an actual pony.  How many four years old do you know that actually have a pony? :o) (It's name is Ice Cream)

Livi on Ice Cream

So, once I get Livi's bracelet made, I'll have pics related to tatting.  :o)


  1. I love IceCream! So darned cute!
    Fox : )

  2. Thanks Fox! Ice Cream has got to be the best pony I've ever met. I know they can be a little moody. But her, she has no problem with a bunch of kids running all around her. Livi even went bare back... that was cute.

  3. Oh what an adorable one! And I want a pony too-although I think I might be a bit big for one now. :)
    You asked about my granddaughter dressing up~well, I don't know if she likes to, but her older sister used to love to. I don't see them as much as when they lived with us so I don't know what they are into other than chasing me through the house trying to catch me or have me catch them. :) And tons of tickling of course. :D

  4. I know you commented quite some time back, I'm really slow to respond sometimes. But that's sad you don't get to see them very often. Catch and tickling are always fun though. Livi's into racing people everywhere. Which is funny because I'll be walking into another room and she'll run past really fast and then say "I beat you!". And what's really funny is when it takes her a minute to realize that I've already started walking into another room and she'll come running after and then "Ahh, I losed." lol She's such a silly girl.