Wednesday, October 19, 2011

distraction generator #2

Having ADD is obviously not enough to distract me from my huge BioOrganic test in the morning. lol Add a four year and it's a wonder I get anything done.... but sometimes Livi is distracted by my parents or my brother who came in town for a couple of days.  I was a little excited... thinking: I might actually get some studying done! Then comes in my number 2 distraction (or "distract-er" I guess).  Layla.... (the cat) feels the need to be in my face and prefers to sit on my books whenever I've stolen a moment away from the little one to study.  It's so cute but somewhat frustrating.... but I stole a picture of her... and it didn't turn out half bad.... (If I had an actual camera rather than a webcam she would have been running lol) She's a strange cat... but I'll have to tell her tale another day :o)
Layla. suspects something at this point lol and that's my shoulder and part of my face lol  In case you are concerned... I have a neck. I just shot the picture over the shoulder because that was the only way I could get a picture of Layla's face lol. 
And another note before I hit the books again... I do like the Eric Clapton song. BUT I adopted her from the local animal shelter in 2005 (she had been waiting for someone to adopt her for about 6 months, poor thing, but also lucky that it's a no kill shelter) and I didn't see any reason to change the name they had already given her, so in short... I didn't name her.

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  1. Love the name Layla for such a pretty black cat! Sweet!
    Fox : )