Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Livi's doily update

Got batteries for my camera! YAY!

So, here is an overdue update of Livi's doily.  It's going to be quite bigger than the one I made last year.  Livi will make sure of that! lol

So far the colors are (from inside to outside): Cream, Sugar Plum, Purple medium, Pink Medium, Navy Blue, Sugar Plum, Cream, Raspberry Pink Medium, Seagreen Light, Purple Medium, Pink Medium, Raspberry Pink Medium. 

OR!!! 610, Sugar Plum HDT, 632,622,654,Sugar Plum HDT, 610,624,686,632,622,624

Those numbers correlate to Lizbeth's numbering sytem, of course, and I've used size 40, per (my) usual! :o)

You can get your own Sugar Plum HERE!

Livi has told me that I will be able to use the Sugar Plum again, but not yet. AND she doesn't want it to be on the outside round.  She's being quite picky.
I will say that I have had to limit her on color choices though.  She's has asked to put red, yellow and lime green in it.  
I talked her out of them though and promised her a doily one day that has all of my solid colors in it. :o) 


  1. Livi knows her own mind doesn't she. That will be one special doily.

    1. Oh yes! If I try to make any decisions for her, she quickly reminds me that it is her doily and she wants to make the decisions. :o)
      I really am hoping that she will treasure it. :o)

  2. Her doily is awesome and I know it will be treasured!! :)

  3. Super way to show off your thread, and for Livi to have a really special doilly!

  4. Lovely doily, she knows what she wants but I am sure you will guild her into a colour scheme that blends into the doily. It will be something she will treasure for many years to come