Sunday, July 21, 2013

Free shipping and an interesting predicament...

First off!  I'm offering Free Shipping this week in the Etsy shop using the code "freeshipping"

I am trying to get everything together for the move and it would help greatly to move some more thread.  I'm so scared that they are going to get lost in the move somehow.  Hopefully I'm just being paranoid though. :o)


So, when I started this doily of Livi's , I couldn't be bothered to actually look at the original pattern.  I mean, if Tatting with a 4 Square, doesn't have patterns, and I've already tatted one of the pieces... then why look at the original picture again, right?

So, I just looked on to doily I did last year for reference.  That is, until I got further on this one than I did the last one.  Then I broke out the book to make sure there weren't extra stitches slipped in that I had forgotten. 

I flipped through the book, didn't see the pattern.  Flipped back through... still on doily that looked like mine.  At the point I was very puzzled. Then I looked at the first doily in the book and suddenly remembered what had happened!

Last year, I wanted to make this doily and I really liked the triangles that were created with the negative space.  But those triangles were added until like row 15.  And, I was NOT going to tat 15 rows.
This is really all well and good except that Livi wants the doily to be bigger... so I will just keep on, making educated guesses how and where to add extra stitches.  
Or maybe I'll come up with something different all together.... who knows!



  1. Just an idea. Now would be a good point to take the negative space back on itself to form diamonds. with little diamonds in the middle. if it was possible

    1. I was thinking along those lines as well actually. That or just keep creating the triangles which I think would look neat as well. Kind of chevron, ya know?

  2. Ah, you've created your own pattern, great!

  3. It's looking good so far, I am sure what ever you chose it will look beautiful fir her, she knows her own mind, you will have to teach her to tat them she can make her own items how ever big she wants them

  4. I agree with Margarets statement, and I too sometimes love to go out on my own with tatting it's fun. visit my blog if you got the time it's Called "Carollyn's tatting blog" I just started getting into this blogging thing.