Monday, January 7, 2013

Watercolor Sweetheart, a new MJ!

First, I would like to thank everyone for the kind and thoughtful comments on my last posts!  They were much appreciated!  I've been trying to stay busy so that I don't get to upset.  I need to get some more relaxing in before I start back to school on the 17th.

Now, I have a new Messy Jess!-y (MJ!) to show!  This will be my last colorway for a little while.  I ran out of size 20 thread and it will be a little while before I get some more.  I may however do some size 40 only colorways.  I've been having fun using my messy dyeing method to dye some fabric and t-shirts and I've been experimenting with some fun combinations.  (An afterthought- That is actually how I knew that these colors would look so wonderful together!)

But, anyway, this one is really pretty.  It was another one of the harder to photograph colors though.
It is mostly pink with highlights of seafoam.  Where the seafoam and pink mix are shades of purplish gray.
It's so pretty!

Janet told me that my MJ!s look like they were watercolored, so I named this one Watercolor Sweetheart.  It just looked like a "sweetheart" thread. I don't know why.

Of course, you've seen this Starflower design of mine many times before.  I really like it.  This one, I did the chains as BDS, and made them slight shorter.  But, then the whole motif is slightly abbreviated.  Instead of 6-6-6 for the smaller rings, they are 5-5-5, and the bigger rings 5-5-5-5-5.  Then the BDS is 8 BDS - 1BDS
I play around with the number of ds between each picot depending on what mood I'm in and how big I want the flower to be.

I've been playing with the idea of making a larger piece made up of Starflowers, I think it would be pretty.  These here are Livi's Ballet Shoes (January 2013's), Azalea Md, and Turquoise Lt.  
Then, of course, the other is "Watercolor Sweetheart" from above.  

So, I've been thinking I might sell  some my Starflowers and Button Hairclips in the Etsy shop or possible my Storenvy shop.  If I did though, I think I would change thing acronym from MOB to FAB.  So instead of Motif on Button, it would be Flower Around Button.  I think this would create a better selling angle, or make them sound more appealing. :o)  I'm sure that there aren't too many non-fiberartists, and maybe even nontatters that would understand "motif".  I could be wrong, but at least when it comes to searching for a hairclip, flower hairclip, and fabulous hairclip would be entered into my search bar before Motif Hairclip.
What do you think? 


  1. Pretty thread...the watercolour description is just right! The name change on the star flowers button ornaments seems like a good idea from the search standpoint for sure. Hope they do well for you!

  2. That's it!!! exactly!!! Watercolors- now that's a lovely name for some lovely threads! I like the new name too.

  3. I agree on the name and search term change. Sounds good.
    That is a pretty thread.
    have fun relaxing at your whirling dervish speed.

  4. What a lovely, lovely colourway. As soon as my stash gets thinner I'll be ordering but it may take me a while - sorrryyyyy.

  5. Lovely color! I like the watercolor reference... indicates the softness of the color. I like the FAB acronym. I think it would be easier for non-tatters to understand, plus flowers sound like something a little girl would like.

  6. Very nice colorway!! :) And I love the starflower made from it!! :)

  7. Lovely thread and beautiful colours. Yes I think the hair clips would sell well especially in those colours.

  8. I liked Jess! The colour, the name's colour and pattern. Some day I'll using some of your threads in my tatting things(I hope!)