Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Baby Shoes" Update

So, in my last post I said I was putting together some tatting for "baby shoes" (really they are closer to a barefoot sandal)

Here is the tatting that I'm hoping that will be liked:

The flower is in Lizbeth size 40 Dusty Rose Lt, and the pattern was  modified from one of  Dangela's in her book Occhi-Patchwork. 
The leaf is Frivole's leaf pattern, but I modified it as well to make it a little bit longer.  The thread on that one is size 40, I dyed this one myself to a seafoam color.
I also glued the leaf onto a small piece of seafoam dyed cloth so that it wouldn't be "hollow" ?

I got the idea to glue the tattign onto the cloth from Linda Davies.  One of her flower patterns calls for gluing to a light fabric.  I thought that was an ingenious idea. :o) 


  1. Oh, I love the flower, 3-D like that, it's really cute. I try to avoid glue myself, but if you can do it neatly, great.

  2. Lovely flower gives a three d effect.