Friday, January 18, 2013

New Tatting Books, TIAS, New Friends and Baby feet!

Well, first off, school has started back officially!  I've got a full load so I will be blogging and dyeing less for the next few months.

I did however get some new books, so I am sure that I will squeeze in some tatting. :o)
I did manage to tat this little flower based on the flowers from Mary Maynard's Ring of Flowers.  It's in size 100 Rainbowlicious. :o)

Here is my progress on Jane's TIAS.  So far, my method of adding new thread each day has worked out well. :o)

 Here are my new friends from Mandy's Scribbledolls shop!  Aren't they the sweetest??

 Can you believe it?? I actually tatted with white!!!!  It shocked myself!!  But, it was for a reason!  This is size 80.  I'm working on some tatted flowers for a friend's baby's feet.  So, that's the reason behind my choosing white. :o)

I was so inspired by Marilee Rockley's Jubiloso doily that I'm attempting to do a woven/ celtic add on to my starflower design.  This is how far I have gotten:

This is a prototype of what the tatting on a baby foot looks like:  (Thanks goes to Mandy for letting me use her darling daughter Summer's feet)

Isn't it adorable??  I'm considering adding something along these lines to the Etsy shop. :o)


  1. You've been busy. Love the feet decorations, cute idea. How did you attach them?

    1. Thanks!
      I took an elastic headband and then folded it in half, and then sewed the felt circle and button to the center to separate the ankle part from the foot part.
      Then, of course, the button is holds the tatting just like my hair clips.
      I love the idea as well.
      In fact, I want to make myself some to wear with flipflops :o)

  2. You have been busy, great decorated feet, lovely starts to all your pieces of tatting

  3. Interesting books, have not seen any of them before, you are going to have so much fun with them. Good luck with your school work, I'm sure you will find time to do the enjoyable things, like tat and dye thread, well I hope!!