Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Playing with the Starflower

 See!! I really have been tatting!  I've been so busy already with school that I've barely had any time to get on here and read through the blogs.  I do miss being able to see what everyone is working on though.  It is my last semester though, so with 4 Biology classes... I have my hands full :o)

But, I have made time to work on a few things. These two, the one above and the one below are two of the ideas that I've been playing with.  I know that my Starflower design is very basic and maybe slightly "boring".  But, these are far from it, well, atleast the top one is far from it.
I would like to provide the pattern, but I'll either need to make arrangements with someone who is proficient in drawing diagrams/ writing up patterns.... or wait until I can work on it myself. 

Update! This is looking like it may get done sooner than I could have ever dreamed.  Thanks to someone awesome.  Look forward to this one. :o)

This one below, is fairly simple,at least compared to the one above.  If you would like to do it, then the pattern is simple to give you.  The basic pattern is still the same. If you noticed, on the original pattern, all of the stitch counts are the same between each of the picots with the only exception being the half number of stitch directly above the clover.
This means that you could easily enlarge or decrease the size of the pattern.  (By varying the number of stitches between picots)

With this one, I was running out of thread, so I made it into more a square, but it would look nice as a five pointed motif as well. :o)

On a more personal note:
Livi and I got haircuts!  We donated the hair to Locks of Love.
Here is Livi's before and after pictures.  Isn't she sweet!

I haven't taken my picture yet.  But I will take one and share it soon.

These beauties arrived in the mail last week from Umintsuru!  Her package also included a sweet note of condolences for our now departed doggie. Thank you Umintsuru!! This was such a sweet gesture and I truly appreciate it! <3


  1. The star flower is pretty in the top version. I like it. The bottom is different too.
    Umintsuru is very nice.
    good luck on your studies. 4 biology in 1 semester?

    1. yup 4, it's kind of crazy. But it's all I need to finish up my bachelor of science.... with a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry.

  2. Wow, not easy juggling studies and other stuff at home. Do take care not to overwork, and best of luck to your last semester.

    Levi looks very sweet in her new hairstyle. Looking forward to seeing your new hairdo.

    I don't think the first motif is boring. No. It's lovely.

  3. Hallo Jess, all the best wishes for your todo-list 2013! You will make it, step by step! Livi looks so nice!
    Have a nice day!

  4. Hi, Jess and Livi. It's nice to be able to check in on you two through your blog. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Take care!