Friday, January 11, 2013

FABs are listed!

Well, I got some FABs listed!
Of course, I hope to get many more made up and listed as well, but this is a good start. :o)

Here are some of the newer Starflowers that I tatted to list:
This one is really fun!  It's tatted in my new (size 40) Watercolor Sweetheart Messy Jess!-y, but I added size  20 sea-green light with alternate thread method.  (I *think* that's how you'd say it)
Here's a close up of the outside chain: 
Pretty right?

This one is in a special colorway I did for myself to see if the colors would work.  I plan to do some more of it when it gets closer to summer.  It looks like a summer colorway, don't you think?

I may have shown this one before, but maybe not.  It's with Karey Solomon's HDT with 15/0 green beads around the outside.  It's so pretty! :o)

If you were a Secret Santa Giveaway winner but have not received your thread, please message me!
It's been SOO crazy around here and I have this strange horrible  feeling that not all of them made it out in the mail.  It's one of the horrible side effects of trying to do too much at one time!  I apologize to anyone that hasn't gotten theirs yet, I promise that it was not intentional!


  1. Those are pretty, good luck with the sales

  2. I love that summer colorway! Will have to check for it next summer.

  3. The new colours are lovely, I have not seen the alternate colours before that you have put around the edge,it looks lovely!