Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Halloween appropriate accessory

I'm really not in to Halloween.  It's just not my thing.  But, I thought these little skull beads were cute so I decided to use them.
The design is adapted from one of Vicky Clarke's from Tatting the Stone.
I had to adapt it to fit this shell doughnut.
The thread is size 40 Navy Blue, and it has purple Swarovski crystals that make it very sparkly.
The stretch band is really fun, the beads are some of the twin hole beads.  These in particular are VERY pretty and multicolored.  This picture makes them look all purple, but they have a fair amount of pink in them as well.

I do think skulls are "cute", but that's about as far as I get into Halloween.
Witches? no. Jack-o-lanterns? no. Ghosts? no.
Zombies? Okay... but only because of The Walking Dead. lol I've recently gotten hooked on that show!
So much so that I bought a big book of the graphic novel.

But, back to the bracelet.  I haven't decided whether I want to sell this one or keep it.  I think I will sell it.  I have more of all the supplies, so I could make another if I like it that much!


  1. I love your bracelet Jess!! Can I have one please, please? :-)) Never thought I was into skulls either really but one of my daughters gave me a scarf with skulls on and it's currently one of my favourites. Anyway, I really like how you put your bracelet together. It's great.

  2. Skulls aren't my thing. I prefer cute little pumpkins and friendly ghosts. However, I know the kids at school would think I was the most awesome librarian alive if I wore a skull bracelet! Enjoy your new creation!

  3. Looks really good!! :)
    I love the tatting and the band!! Not into skulls or halloween either. :)

  4. I also think that skulls are cute. This is a really pretty bracelet. :)

  5. I think that bracelet is gorgeous! The fact that the skull looks fairly realistic, as opposed to cutesy and cartoonish, to me brings to mind the original meaning of All Hallows' Eve as a feast to honor the dead. Skull symbolism is very common in the Oct. 31 Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. Your bracelet would be perfect for that holiday.

    Of course, you could always use some other type of bead to give it a completely different look!

  6. Very true, Miranda!
    I love Day of the Dead art!
    Especially that of Frida Kahlo, but then she's my all time favorite painter, so I like just about all of her pieces. :o)
    Thank you everyone for the kind words! This bracelet sold this morning. It feels good to get my first piece of "for sale" tatting out of the way. lol

  7. Congrats on selling the bracelet. A very unique idea and well done!