Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This is going to take awhile!

It was suggested by someone super fabulous that I label my threads.  I've been meaning to do this, but the thought is a little daunting. But, since I just got my two tests that were this week, I decided to tackle it. 
These are just the size 20s. There are just as many if not more of size 40. I think for a little while, I'll just have the tags ready made and then they'll get attached as thread gets sold. It's going to be worth it though!! :o)

Right now, Livi is doing the cutting for me. :o)  She's super proud of the work she's doing.  This also means that if you get thread and you see a not perfectly cut tag, you already know why!

Here's some of the green/ teal Messy Jess!-y that was done the other day.
I'll try to list them sometime tomorrow. 

For now, I will tat some more leaves for the bracelet!


  1. Wow!!! What a supply of awesome color!!! :)

  2. these are all beautiful, but I really love this green . teal... this is my favorite color irl, and I absolutely love it :) good job, if my situation was a little different, I would buy a couple from you :) maybe next time :X
    good luck with it, I know you will sell it all!

  3. Great green colour, I think she will do a good job in cutting and that way she will earn a little pocket money. It will be nice for her to help you and gives her some pleasure, soon she will be able to do the labelling for you and you won't have one less job.


  4. Pretty colors! Your current size 20 Mother of Pearl in the Etsy shop seems to have a good bit of "brown" in it. What is the chance that the other colors (minus brown) of that thread might make it into a colorway? I really like the bright pastel tones together, but brown is not my favorite.

    Congrats on finishing the tests.


  5. Both your recent Messy-jess!-ys are amazing!

    I am just about to finish my Doily with your tiger lily-icious - it's great too!