Thursday, October 25, 2012

Without Further Ado! I present "Madder Tatter"

I enlisted the help of a couple of our friends.
Fox is by far the best at naming.  So good is she at this "task"(Well, I find it a task, she seems to enjoy it), that I usually run to her when I have a beautiful colorway that needs naming. Thank you Fox!

She named this one "Madder Tatter", I love the name!

But, I did not stop there.  Over a month ago, I was in correspondence with Umintsuru.  (Such a sweet lady) She suggested that it would be nice see samples of my colorways and she offered to tat some for me. 
The idea in general is a fabulous one, however it requires me to wind additional sample skeins, and then wait for the postman to carry my package to the other side of the planet before I can get the sample picture. 

But, I realized that I probably wasn't going to be getting a whole heck of a lot of dyeing done due to school taking up so much time, so when I dyed up this gorgeous lot, I went and ahead and sent her some.  

Now, I only wish that I had dyed more of "Madder Tatter" while I was waiting because as you can see here it works of GORGEOUSLY!

This Goldfish design of Nami's was tatted by Umintsuru in Tat-illicious HDT size 40 "Madder Tatter".

I must say, she did a wonderful job picking out a suitable pattern and I always adore her tatting.  So precise! Love it!

I am in the process right now of listing what I have.  I love this colorway so much though and because I have so little size 40 dyed (I was low on size 40 when I dyed the batch) I will be dyeing more of this very very soon!

She also tatted another sample, but I'll save it for another post, it is not a new colorway though, so don't get too excited. :o)


  1. Nice color!! It looks great in that fish motif!! :)

  2. I agree, She did a fabulous job!
    Sue, do you ever sleep, or are you just up all the time like me?

  3. Wendy does a wonderful job with her tatting, she's going to test something me and Fox both are super ladies, and wonderful tatting friends. If you don't want your thread going to the other side of the world , I am half way but I can't promise doing such a wonderful job that Wendy does.
    Lovely colour thread


  4. Yowza!

    Madder Tatter certainly looks different off the skein and tatted into a shape.

    Wendy did a sensational job showing it off with that design. It is gorgeous - both the thread and Wendy's impeccably precise tatting.

    Fox : )

  5. Wonderful thread with a great name and sample. I do like the world-wide collaboration!

  6. How awesome!! Love the colors, and the fish.