Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yes U Can update... somewhat

I have not abandoned my Yes U can doily, but I did just realize that I didn't do a "complete" bare thread row. And because I didn't do a complete one, I can do half of the next row with out attaching it to the previous row, if that makes any sense.  So I decided to try out one of the flower motifs.... but it looks so tiny, but maybe that's just because I'm only seeing one of them....
I added the whole ball for a reference on size, does it look right?
Also, does anyone else leave their balls in the bags or is that just me? I like it better that way... big chunks of thread don't come off and get tangled this way.
Also, I've just realized that I haven't shown a picture of  the bare thread row which is complete now, but I don't have time to scan it right now.... its back to studying for me :o)

UPDATE: lol I just realized that I made an error while making one of the last joins. I was wondering why it looked somewhat lopsided.  Still cute mind you :o) but... Go figure.

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