Monday, January 14, 2013

Have you ever mixed size 20 with size 80 and size 100? I have!

I ended up with 3 different sizes of rainbowlicious for myself.  When I went to do another flower using the first three rows of Marilee's Jubiloso doily, I couldn't decided between the three sizes.  So, I used all three!!

I started with the size 80 second round.  I started with the intention of using some size 80 purple for the other two rows.  However, thin thread will not last too long and be too dainty for FABs.  At some point I had the great I idea to use the size 20 for the inside, since it would hold up to being taken on and off a button.

After I had the first two rounds tatted, I was still thinking about adding just some size 80 purple to the outside.  But, how boring would that be, huh?  So, size 100 Rainbowlicious is on the outer round. :o)
I think it's darling!

I did another flower with the Watercolor Sweetheart (MJ!), like I did in the last post, but this one has beads. :o)

And another in Dark Rainbow... except, this one, does NOT look good with this extra leafy background. (which I will mention later on in this post, keep scrolling )

Oh yes, much better on it's own!

This one tatted in "Madder Tatter" also looked better with out the leafy extra, but would also look better with a different colored felt background. 

Now, that leafy extra... how do you feel about it?
 The pattern is Jon Yusoff's from Elegant Tatting gems, Almas.  I really like it!  I modified it a little to make a square, and I messed up one on the left.  Mess up on these are not a big deal since they are supposed to be leafy extras though. :o)
I am looking forward to Jane's TIAS!  I have decided that I will do mine in separate pieces with what thread is left on my shuttles at the time. It should make for an interestingly colored piece when it's all said and done. :o)


  1. Love those motifs!!! :)
    And the leafy extras are great!! :)

  2. Many years ago I used to tat Julia Sanders' patterns for a butterfly in size 20 thread with an edging round the wings in size 80. A good effect, as you have found too. I do like the leafy excesses, excellent!

  3. Never tried to put different sizes together, Something for the future.
    I am looking forward to receiving your lovely thread, The postman must be walking the pond.

    1. I have a feeling the postman is taking too long. I will send out another to you. :o)

    2. Jess that's very kind of you, As you will have seen we have a family bereavement so don't rush I am looking forward to trying to your thread

  4. I'm thinking that you don't sleep very much! I'm pretty sure that lack of sleep is the only way to come up with so many wonderful ideas! ;-)

    1. It is true. Sleep even on my Christmas break doesn't come easily. I constantly stay busy. :o)

  5. Aha, I tried two thicknesses of threads ages ago. In fact I can't even tell you how many years ago cause there ain't a date on this page.
    Do love your colours, Jess

  6. I couldn't imagine tatting with size 100 thread. Love your tatting and your thread :)