Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hen and Chicks... scrapbook paper!

I have a problem.  When I get stressed, my first "remedy" is ALWAYS a stop to the craft store.  So, despite the fact that I don't actually have money to spend because I don't have a job, I just feel the need to go buy things to craft.  I always justify this practice with self promises to make something sell-able or gift-able.  I have a not so secret desire to start up an Etsy shop, just saying...

So, after taking two dreaded finals, Livi and I took a trip to Archiver's in Cordova (it's about a 30 minute drive). They have loads scrapbook paper and stamps.  I actually went looking for something for my dad.  I was making some earrings for Livi's teacher's the other day and he asked me what I was going to make him.  I went blank for a while.  I had no idea that he had any interest in something handmade from me.  I've thought of something wonderful though, but I'll wait to share just in case he comes across my blog.

But, while I was looking for "manly" paper, I found this sheet that had pretty lace flowers.  They look "crocheted" and then on the back was a pretty pink and white "lacey" kind of design.  I fell in love and bought it without "really" looking at it.
Then when we got out to the car, I decided to give my purchases another look-see, and this what I found:
It's so obviously Hens and Chicks.  
This made me love my purchase even more.  I may even go get some more.  Who knows?

But if you are interested in this paper for yourself, it's made by Cratepaper, part of the Emma's Shoppe Collection.  Let me tell ya... I'm in love with it. :o)

I also, unintentionally I might add, picked up my dad an item from the same collection.  I picked up a sheet of the crossword puzzle with the back side being wood-grain, I guess that's what you'd call it anyway.


  1. I love how you have now used it as your wallpaper on your blog.

  2. These are all suggestions, of course, and it's all together accomplished if you wish to use something else.

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