Friday, November 25, 2011

Boy-O! I've been busy...

So, I've been gone for about a week now... but this past week as pretty crazy.  Last Saturday we took Livi to see her pony "Ice Cream" again.  We had a special visitor.  His name is Buddy Bear.  Buddy Bear is the class bear that gets to visit each of the students in Livi's preschool class for one week.  During that week we had to take note of all the things we did with Buddy Bear.  Livi really enjoyed that.  So, we took Buddy Bear to meet Ice Cream :o)

**Update: That good looking man beside my baby is her daddy and my "one true love" aka Chris :o) ****

So, that was fun.  

Then, I had the honor or winning Anika's giveaway and received a wonderfully fun package as a result of that:

She was just absolutely mesmerized by the fact the shuttle could come apart.  Also included in the package as you can probally see was a wonderfully beautiful mix of threads.  And a little ring that fit Livi better than my stubby little fingers but since my baby is so darn cute, it works out perfectly :o)

So, Thank you Anika for the package, Livi and I loved it.

Here is a snowflake that I tatted with the pink and black thread of Anika's:

This is from Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatting Gems Adan.
For the most part when I was tatting this I was in the house and couldn't really see the purple midtones on this thread and then went outside to finish tatting it while Livi was playing outside and just fell in love with it!

So, I slipped in a little subtle note there did you notice?  I purchased Jon's Elegant Tatting Gems.  I love it! It's wonderful! I'm *trying* to tat my way through it.  So I actually started with the first one:
Jon Yusoff's Adiratna

And I am now working on third "Almas" now BUT I made a crucial error on one of the points and while I am going to tat until the shuttles run out of thread, I don't know that I will add new thread to complete it.  I may just wind the shuttles with new thread and start over.  This decision is mostly a result of the fact that I just received 8 new balls of Lizbeth in the mail today.  They are all solid colors.  I am sure you will see them in due time. 
But here is my progress on Almas thus far:

And here are some other workings I've been holding on to:

These are both the 2nd of December by Bjorn.  The Black one is size 70 Star tatting thread.  I picked it and the mystery pink thread up on Etsy.  The pink one is not deformed by the way, it just hasn't been starched, or in any manipulated.  

Also, hopefully you've made it this far in this super long post.  I've lost all of my needles.  I hid the strings on the black star and put the needle on the top of my Diet Dr Pepper can (dumb I know) and then forgot that I put the needle there and threw the can away.  So, I'm actually not being lazy with hiding my ends... I just need to go to the store and get new needles.  (I actually have some needles but they are all the wrong size)

And here is the finished product of my 3rd day of December by Bjorn:

And here is Three Mountains by Karey Solomon in Lizbeth 40 Turquoise lt (color 662) (It's one of the new shades... isn't it pretty?)

Okay... I'm tired of updating now lol

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  1. My goodness, you have been busy! I love all of your snowflakes, and the threads you are using are gorgeous!