Friday, March 15, 2013

New Projects

Here lately I've been playing with the new Craftsy course I joined : Stupendous Stitching with Carol Ann Waugh.  It's a lot of fun.  It's basically artistic fiber art using sewing and embroidery.... but I fully intend to add tatting as well.
Here is what I have so far: This picture was taken before the tatting was introduced

And then I added this:

A bit of one shuttle rings that are not completely closed, tatted with Yarnplayer's Stardate size 40.  I machine sewed this down to the fabric and then took a length of thread and made little french knots to secure the rings on the outsides.

I really like how it looks.  I think the final piece is going to look superb with little tatted bits all over. :o)
I'm excited!

Oh and if the machine stitching looks horrid, go easy on me. lol I am completely new to sewing so while I know that what I have here is probably crap... I am really proud of it. :o)


  1. I think what you have done there looks nice, tho what you will do with it, I do not know. Pillow top, crazy quilt, shirt to wear?

    right now it looks nice.
    Have fun.

    1. Well, in the class, she suggests mounting on to a frame. So I will probably either go that route or the pillow route. It certainly is fun though :o) It will be perfect place to put some of my not quite complete tatted pieces, for sure. :o)

  2. It looks like an awesome pillow to me!!! I love all the colors!!! :)

  3. I think it will be a nice cushion and I love the colors too
    i'll come back to see it finished ;-))
    Have a nice day