Thursday, March 28, 2013

Little Rainbow magic...

So, as you can see, I'm still working on the whole stitching and sewing thing.  Except, this time, I'm doing RAINBOW!! I really like it already!
You can see in the corner area, I have half of one of my flowers in size 80, then I have the center of Debbie Arnold's Square doily in size 20 and size 100 in the center.  I love the size difference! So fun!  Then I have a size 40 edging around some rainbow yarn.  
I love how cheerful it is!
Also, the thread that making the running stitches and frecnch knots outlining around the size 80 (half flower) is some doubled up "Ablaze" (one of the MJ!s) 

For the edging, it just had a bare thread space between the rings.  I tacked down the bare thread under the yarn.  I didn't sew down the actual rings and I don't intend either.  It kind of gives is a layering feeling that I really like. :o)

Also!!  I messed up while winding some skeins and they ended up shorter than usual.  They are approximately 45 yards rather than 50 yards.  Since I don't feel like doing the math and figuring out the exact length, I've just marked them down to $6.  And I've named them "Whoopsie"  :o)
Grab them while you can!! <3


  1. I like your free form stitchery. That is looking very nice.

  2. Totally gorgeous rainbows!!! :)

  3. ...soo beautiful...stitching and tatting together in these lovely colors...