Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I do love to play with dyes!

You know, it seems almost fitting, though it was not planned, that these sit on my Evolution book.
So, after the "impossible" to recreate "Mauvelous Rose" the other day, I just really had the desire to dye a new colorway that was reproducible.

This one doesn't have a name though. 

So, how about a lightning fast giveaway to find a name for this beauty?

You comment with a name, TODAY only!  Then tomorrow, or later tonight, I'll learn how to do a poll and you can come back to vote on a winning name. 
Are you up for it??

This will give me time to actually tat a sample of it before listing it and I'll even send one skein to the winner. I only have size 20 and 40 though.

I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!



  1. Hi this remind,s me of the bright colours of things in the summer so how about "summer time".

  2. Reminds me of your Rainbowlicious a little so how about Over the Rainbow.

  3. Gummilicious as in the colours of Gummy Bears.

  4. It sure does remind me of summertime, but I see someone else already suggested that name. So, how about "Carousel"?

  5. ...Ohh these colors are great... my proposals is
    "PoP -Paintbox of Paradise" or

    "The love of the dyeplayer" ;-)) or

    "Evolution of the dye" ;-) regarding your headline of today's post ...
    Enjoy, Gunhild

  6. Springilicious Carnival. I like that name!!!! I like it cause I just made it up!!!!

  7. Fun colours! It kind of reminds me of the brightly colored salt water taffy my grandma always had in her milk-glass candy dish beside the sofa. Some how they seemed so bright and deliciousinmy memories. So my suggestion would be "candiliciou" or candy dish.

  8. Wow, y'all have some really great suggestions! I should do this more often! The naming process is such a annoying task for me. Granted there are a few colorways that I thought of a name and then just thought of colors to match it. But that doesn't happen all that often. Mostly, I just really like putting different colors together. :o)

  9. It reminded me of rainbowlicious candy


  10. How about 'Mardi Gras', a timely event this month.

  11. No, I was going to say Mardi Gras! So how about Fat Tuesday because it's glorious and colorful like Mardi Gras, Randi said the name already and it's Tuesday and I'm feeling FAT! Haha. Mardi gras is the perfect name though!

  12. Gypsy dancer or flamenco or Spanish dancer...the colors remind me of the fast moving colors of the dancers dresses and scarfs...beautiful, vibrant, and full of joy!