Saturday, February 9, 2013

And Carnival it is!!

Well, with the votes being 22/13 in favor of Carnival, I will now call the win to Tatterjill for suggesting Carnival!!
I loved all the names! Thank you to everyone that submitted a name and that came back to vote on a name!

"Carnival" is now listed in the shop. Since this is a very reproducible colorway, if it does happen to sell out, I will dye some more. :o)
 You will find the link to the listing -------------------------------------> on the side!!

This weekend, I finally finished the "Jensaras" I was working on for my friend's baby's first birthday!
Don't they look super cute on my Build a Bear Panda??

We decided to name these barefoot sandals "Jensaras" since my friend's name is Jen and her baby's name is Sara.  I think it's a cute name! :o)  I'm thinking about selling them in the Etsy shop. 

And because I love "Eye Candy", Here will the next colorway.  I REALLY REALLY like this one!  Though, really, I really really like  most of my colorways. ( Lets face it... I love color!) This one especially appeals to me for some reason.  Maybe, because I tend to like browns.

The pattern for this is from Jon's Elegant Tatting Gems


  1. Love the newest colorway...Browns and turquoise together are gorgeous, some of my favorites! Will HAVE to order some of that when you get it listed! The name game was fun and the name perfect, congrats to the winner :-)

  2. Congratulations to the winner! :)
    Cute Jensaras!! :)
    Really nice motif!! :)

  3. Great name, congratulations to the winner.
    Lovely colour the blue and the brown, they go well together. The snowflake pattern from Jon looks lovely in it.