Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scanner problems...

So, I wanted to post some pictures of this motif that I came up with that I've been somewhat obsessed with, just "perfecting" it I guess.  Here is a picture I took of it in Lizbeth size 80 Grape Spash.  (One of the new colors... I love it, the photo does not do it justice) Unfortunately my scanner has decided to not work today, so I took the picture using my webcam... so, I'm sorry that quality is not so great.
I've done it in some other colors and other sizes as well.... once I can figure out what I'm doing wrong with my scanner, I'll post some pictures.
The general pattern however is:
2 shuttles
R1: 6-4-4-6
Ch1: 6-6
RoCh1: 6-6-6
R2(shuttle 1): 6 + (to R1) 4-4-6
R3(shuttle 2): 6+(to Ch2) 6+(To RoCh1)6-6-6-6
Ch3: 6+ (to R3) 6
RoCh2: 6+ (to R3) 6-6
Ch4: 6-6
R4: 6+ (to R2) 6-6
Ch5: 3-3
R1: 6+ (to R4) 4-4-6

What do you think about it?  I think's it's cute... but I'd like to hear some feedback from others.

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