Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello Again

Hello World! This is just going to be a quick update because I have a BioOrganic test on Tuesday that needs my immediate attention.

So, I know just about everyone has seen this pattern, but if you haven't it's Jon's Merriment Doily/Coaster
I love it. I think it's beautiful! (Which is why I tatted it twice) The top one is Lizbeth size 40 Confetti and the bottom one is Lizbeth size 40 Denim whisper. Which reminds, I read somewhere that someone didn't understand why denim whisper had pink in it, but that didn't bother me since I actually had a pair of jeans that color. lol Also, after tatting these, I fell in love with size 40 thread. So I order 5 more colors from Handy Hands.  I plan to make my next 5 motifs in the 5 new colors. :o)

Here's another little diddy I did a few weeks ago. it's size 20 Lizbeth I don't remember the colors though.
For this one, I was out of town and didn't have any access to internet, so I just kept tatting hoping that the two ends would get close enough to close. So, you can see from the high number of rings in the middle that it took a while. 
Being a Biology person, I have a digital microscope next to my computer. I actually tried to get a microscopic few of this motif/ medallion but for some reason it's acting up and wouldn't take a picture. When I have more time to work though, I'll share some pictures of a microscopic few of the tatting.  It will probably end up showing the importance of washing your work after handling it. It's amazing the amount of oils and other particles that end up on things that are handled a lot.... or even just left to lay out. I'm taking microbiology this semester (along with 5 other classes), so I am now even more aware of these things.
One more thing... when i first started tatting, I was of course using larger threads. BUT, I just happened to go in Hancock Fabrics and while looking over their clearance section I found this:
Tatting thread on clearance for 30 cents. They had 4 balls, so even though at the time I knew it was too small for me to use, I went ahead and got all four of them. In retrospect, I should have also gotten the couple of balls of white that they had for $1, but I didn't know what the regular price of a ball was, and when I returned to pick those up as well they were gone.  Now I scan clearance sections at such stores secretly hoping to come across little treasure finds like this one :o) This also means that if you see a lot of my work in this thread, it's not because I necessarily love the colors.... I just have a lot of it.

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