Monday, September 26, 2011

Figured it out...

Well, I solved my scanner issues... I don't know how, but the important thing is it's working now.  So, here on some pieces I would have liked to included in yesterday's post:
Here is Lizbeth size 40 Tropical Fruit. This is the first little motif I did with the same general design that I showed yesterday.  I meant to only do six repeating units, but forgot to do a join so I went ahead and did seven.

Here is Lizbeth size 80 Grape Splash. This is the same one from yesterday's post, just a better quality picture :o)

And here is what I've worked on so far today.  I quite like it.  Again, it's same general pattern, but with 4 units. When I started it I thought it might end up like a butterfly but, it really just looks like a flower I think :o)

Tonight I have to study for a Microbiology test that I have tomorrow, BUT I also have my first "craft date" with one of my best friends, we've been friends even since we were tiny tots (like 5 years old or so).   So hopefully I'll have some pictures tomorrow of the things we create tonight! I'm so excited.  My babygirl Livi is excited too, because my friend Mandy has a little boy, Alex. So Livi and Alex will have their own playdate while Mandy and I have ours.


  1. Thank you! Not only for your nice comment, but for posting the first comment on my blog. :o) I feel more official now lol