Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tat Days and Sugar Plums!

As it stands now, I am not planning on attending or even visiting Tat Days this year.  Life is just too crazy right now to be making those kind of plans.  I am however sending my thread!  So, for all of you that are planning on attending, you can look forward to my thread being in the vending room!

This means that I have a huge job of labeling and super organizing all the skeins!  Last year, I ran my own cashbox, so the skeins didn't need to be labelled in any specific way.  So, it's been quite the job!

Here are just part of the 20s that are being sent!

So, even with this task to overcome, I did get a small batch of thread dyed!  It's so pretty!  The blues are actually more teal in real life.  Once I get to the store and get some batteries, I'll be able to take a picture with a flash, which may bring out those teal-er tones. :o)

Not too much tatting going on lately though 

Seems like every free moment I find, it gets filled quickly with requests to play Barbie, or to make food.... or keep packing! 


  1. Oh, I hate it that y'all aren't coming to Tat Days! We all enjoyed seeing you and Livi last year. Please put us on your "must do" list for next year!

    We'll look forward to browsing and buying your lovely thread, though!

  2. I know how it is to want to go somewhere and can't. Good luck with your thread sales anyway.
    That is a pretty colorway

  3. You will be missed this year. Enjoyed meeting and talking with you and Livi last year. Hopefully things will settle down for a future Tat Days!

  4. That looks like a neat color!! :)

  5. Oh Bummer! As much as I love your thread, it is no replacement for you and Livi!