Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Improvisational tatting and Red Hat!

I know that I'm not old enough for the Red Hat crowd, but I was drawn to the red and purple tones for this batch!  Which I have named Red Hat.

I really like how this batch came out.  This is more what I was trying for with the Blue Tango, but I went too far by adding the blue.  

This little motif I just kind of tatted on a whim.  I wanted to show off the thread but didn't know what pattern to go with.  The center round was inspired by Jane Eborall's style with the split rings.
And then I just kind of winged it from there, utilizing what I learned from Mary Maynard's Tatting a 4 Square.  If you haven't noticed, it's one of my favorite tatting books.  

That being said, all the stitch counts between all the picots are 4, so you could probably figure out the pattern, just by the picture.  Heck!  Maybe one of you will come up with a 4th round for it, staying within the same (4-4) fashion. 

Is that a challenge.... Possibly!

Oh, and I paired the Red Hat with Lizbeth's Seagreen Light, on the third round in case anyone wants to know. :o)


  1. that is a pretty colorway.
    I would love to take up the challenge, but I have 4 major projects on my shuttles right now and must be disciplined enough to get them finished very quickly.

  2. Nice color and neat motif!!! :)

  3. Excellent hand dyed thread color combo. Cute motif!

  4. Love the new colour way, lovely pattern you made up.