Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Going on Vacation!!

Thank you so much to everyone that made purchases through my etsy shop to help me raise money for Livi's birthday and for our trip!  (We are going to Myrtle Beach if I hadn't already specified.)
Between my garage sales and the Etsy shops, we should have enough to have a pretty good time.  We are all really excited!
If you haven't noticed, I've come up with some really great colorways here lately!  I would love to be able to ship some more out before I leave tomorrow.  I'll be gone for over a week, so if you don't pick them up now, you'll have to wait to get them when I get back. ;o)

One of the colorways, which I think is really lovely is this one: Under the Sea
This is Jane Eborall's Ferris Wheel.  I may make some more of these while on the beach next week :o)

And I've been working on the wedding doily.  I'm getting excited about how this is coming along!
I dyed this tread up just for this project and I actually have more in this color that I'm thinkng of calling raspberries.  It is a MJ! if you can't tell. I may wait until I get back into town to list it though unless someone just expresses specifically that they would like some. :o)

This is actually the third attempt at color picking that I've done for this row.  I didn't photograph the first attempt but here is what the second looked like (after I cut it):

I think I may use the Olive Warbler at some point in this doily, but just as a chain I think though.  We'll see though.  I really love the Olive Warbler, but it may not be "classy" enough for this particular piece.
This doily is "A Special Gift from Scotty" *I think that's the name anyway!  It's from Mary Maynard's Tatting a 4 square.  

Well, I better get to packing!  

If any of you tatters, within traveling distance of the beach,  need a "reason"/ excuse to travel to Myrtle Beach this weekend and next week, shoot me an email or message through Etsy and maybe we can meet up for a "Tat and Chat"  on the beach!  That would be fun!:o)


  1. I hope you and Livi have a lovely time and the weather is kind to you both, Tatting on the beach, I hope you share a photo of you sitting there tatting.
    Enjoy your break, you have earned it.

  2. Your Ferris Wheel motif and doily look very nice!! :)
    Have an awesome vacation!!! :)

  3. Tatting's looking good!

    Have a great time.
    Fox : )

  4. Enjoy your trip, and say Happy Birthday to Livi for me!!

  5. ooh Raspberries. Yes, I would love some.

    1. Your doily is looking very pretty. I like the Raspberry color better then the Olive Warbler in this particular case.