Wednesday, April 24, 2013

String Beans

I asked Chris ( my man/ lover) if he would help me name this new colorway.  He said it looked like Green String.... which turned into "G-String"  {Sigh......} SMH Grrr :o/ lol
But upon further reflection... we decided upon String Beans. :o)

So, here it is:

It looks a bit like "Havana" except with out the gold.  I shot the first picture on a blue book because for some reason, my camera is wanting to turn this Spring Green/ Chartreuse into very yellow and then yield everything else looking very blue.  This is annoying since this colorway is actually quite green.

Go figs.

On a more personal note.  Miss Livi has been ill.  Yesterday she went to the doctor and come to find out she  has two ear infections and bronchitis. :o(  Poor Boo!

After a round a antibiotics, and lots of loving care she felt good enough to go to school this morning. In fact, she was quite eager to back.  I think, in part, it was due to the fact that I just finished sewing her a dress.  (with a lot of help from my Mom).  She was super excited to actually be able to wear the dress to school.... I have no doubt that when she gets home she will be ready for a nap. 

And would you believe it, I actually forgot to get a picture of the dress before she left!  I couldn't believe it.  Hopefully it didn't get too messed up on its first outing.  But, oh well :o)

UPDATE:  Livi is back from school, so we took a quick pic of the dress before she eats her veggie soup :o)


  1. "G-string", huh? Some tatters' blogs show tatted thongs. You could market the thread under that name to them, haha ;).
    Miss Olivia looks radiant in her beautiful dress. Love that twirly skirt. You did a good job! Tell her she and I are having bronchitis together. I caught mine in Hector, NY, while attending Finger Lakes Tatting Conference. Gotta love this changeable Spring weather!
    Hugs, HJ
    P.S. thanks for the heads-up.

  2. That is a pretty dress. Glad to her Livi is starting to feel better. interesting thread colorway, obviously your gentleman isn't into tractors, you have what looks like a "John Deer" colorway going there. or maybe Green Bay Packers? he he.

  3. That is a very pretty dress, well done.
    Love the new colour thread.

  4. Hope all is well. How are exams going? Livi's dress is adorable...I always loved the ones that would flare!

    1. Thank you for checking up on me! I finished up my exams today. I have one more assignment to finish up by Friday, but then I'm done. I'm excited to have a break, even if for just a little while.

    2. I am giving my last exam of the semester now. Glad all is well! My younger child has at least 2 more weeks of school, so I'm looking forward to a bit of unencumbered tatting time.